Fabric Pocket Masks by Purple Goddess Design

Size & Construction: Adult - Approx.7" across face and stretches approx. 6" down") or Child (approx.5-6" across face and stretched approximately 4-5" down). Each mask is unique, there may be some variance in size, but all masks will fit approximately the same. There is a pocket in each mask to accommodate a filter. A metal wire has been inserted along the nose/bridge area to allow the wearer to fit the mask better. The ties are not tied prior to shipping so that each wearer can tie them to custom fit.

Materials:  The ties to slip it over your ears are made from 100% cotton T-shirt Yarn.
The masks are all made from 100% cotton fabric.

Filters: Filters are not included.  Some sources recommend carbon filters, others suggest anything is better than nothing, so even a coffee filter or folded paper towel will work. Use your best judgement for your needs.  

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please contact me directly at prplgds@yahoo.com  There are no refunds or returns, so please be sure you ask questions!