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My Story...


Here is what I do, where I’ve been, what I’ve done


….I grew up overseas, daughter of amazing parents who love to travel and see the world, and after living in Berkeley (CA), Lagos (Nigeria), Madrid (Spain), Thorpe (UK), Redwood City (CA), Chicago (IL), Lewiston (ME), Kent (CT), New Preston (CT), Incline Village (NV), we have settled into Sparks (NV) for a while.  I am the proud momma of beautiful little Maggie and Abby and they light up my every moment with their adorable smiles.  I love to learn, read, listen, and craft. I live to be creative and I find any way I can to fill that need. I knit, sew, sculpt, bake, and love my family.  With a degree in Studio Art, it’s hard to turn the need to create off. My past career as a pastry chef was a true exercise in creativity, but also made me realize that I love to bake for friends and family only, so I turned my professional creative talents towards playing with color, computers, vinyl, and crafts.  I’m a computer geek and proud of it. My husband is an AWESOME father and car junkie (plumber by trade).  I love purple, not to the extreme that my house is painted purple, but close enough. I have an open mind, but am still able to make up my own mind. There you go, a peek in to the life of the Purple Goddess.

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